"we provide a platform for the Swedish fintech community to speak with one voice"

Erika Eliasson, chair of SweFinTech
how we empower swedish fintech:​
Promote innovation in the financial sector

To foster both fintech and innovation, authorities and regulators must become more familiar with new business models and gain a larger understanding of fintech as an industry. Here, SweFinTech is working towards the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority being given an expanded mandate to promote innovation in the financial sector.   

Making the financial infrastructure more available  

For fintechs to be able to compete in the financial industry on fair terms,  they must have equal access to the financial infrastructure as traditional players. Many firms have experienced an insufficient access to the infrastructure - a problem which SweFinTech is informing politicians and authorities about.  

Attract relevant talent to the industry  

The fintech industry is growing rapidly and many firms need to recruit new skills – something that is perceived as a challenge by large parts of the industry. Here, SweFinTech is 

spreading knowledge of the recruitment challenge and works to ensure that banking and financing operations have access to the system for qualified employee stock options.  



"by dialogue and collaboration we can build the swedish fintech community even stronger."

Louise Grabo,
Secretary General for SweFinTech


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Secretary General:
Louise Grabo, louise.grabo@swefintech.se, +46 73-390 76 63


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