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A femtastic fintech lunch

Last Wednesday around 80 women from different FinTech-companies and banks met up at SUP46 for a lunch. The lunch was arranged by SweFinTech in cooperation with Nordea. The lunch was moderated by Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist - voce president for SweFinTech. The theme for the lunch was to hear different perspectives on working with financial and technology services and make the audience smarter and strengthened after the lunch.

Speakers during the lunch was

Ann Grevelius, Senior Advisor GP Bullhound and investor in FinTech companies Anette Nordvall, Tech investor and business angel  LanLing Fredell, Before FinTech hub now PA consulting  Tabitha Cooper, Cheif Communicator at Nordea

It all ended with mingel and coffee, since the event was very popular there will be an follow up event next semester.

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