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Application open for the Bonfire Accelerator program

The future of the financial eco-system is in our hands. Therefore, PwC and Findec has combined forces and started an accelerator program for young start-ups within Fintech Regtech and Insurtech. The Bonfire. In the Bonfire-program you will build the foundation needed for your future growth. Get access to valuable expertise and coaching tailored to your needs. Together we spark more successful stories on the Swedish fintech- scene.

Last year PwC and Findec welcomed the first cohort of the Bonfire accelerator program, which is dedicated for young startups within fintech, regtech and insurtech. This program offers selected startups training days, inspiration, mentorship, advisory and coaching to make sure that they have the tools and knowledge to grow and succeed in the long run.

The program stretches over 4 months but builds relationships to last. As part of the program you will be matched with a mentor, get expert training, tools and access to our global network. PwC will help you address your strategic goals and face your day to day challenges.

Applications for the second cohort will open from now until January 13th, 2021.

Read more and start your application now by following this link.

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