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Connecting FinTEch - Thanks for a great event

Yesterday SweFinTech, NFT Ventures and FinDec arranged an event on the topic "How to diversify talent". Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist - vice president for SweFinTech opened up the event and started to talk about her experience from being a minority in her different positions within politics, finance and investment. She also presented the keynote for the event: Johanna Antonsson - CEO and founder of Go See Talent. Johanna have a background in tech and gave us her view on how to find multiple talent in companies within tech and finance which can be difficult sometimes. Johannas best advice for companies that want to grow international is to from the beginning recruit international. The event also offered large amount of Christmas fika and a great chance for networking. This was SweFinTech last event for this year, look out for upcoming event next year!

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