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Did you miss SweFinTechs webinar - fintech and fraud? Watch the recorded session here!

Uppdaterat: 13 apr. 2021

Today SweFinTech arranged an event on the topic “fintech and fraud” – a popular topic with many registered participants. SweFinTechs project manager Elinor Montgomery Werleus welcomed everyone to the event and presented the guest speakers.

Jan Olsson – Superintendent and expert on fraud from the Swedish police and the Swedish Cybercrime Centre started to present how fraud is taking form and how it affects consumers but also businesses. He recommended all companies that detects any kind of fraud or suspects fraud should report it to the police. When that is done the crimes can be better handled and the police would get more resources to investigate these crimes.

After that John Erik Setsaas toke over, he is the VP of Identity and Innovation at the fintech sompany Signicat who is working with digital identities. According to John Erik the pandemic has forced elderly people and not that “tech savvy” people online, using Bank-ID for their financial services. This has made the market for criminals even bigger and the problem with many digital identification methods is that the device doesn’t know their user and without all these information you can be scammed to sign things with your digital ID and be scammed.

John Erik predicts that in the future biometrics will be used in bigger scale to connect your device to you person so that fraud could be prevented in larger scale.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recorded session below!

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