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Go to FinForward in Hamburg the 7th of November

Are you a “born global” fintech looking to take on the world? Or perhaps you’ve already expanded and want to take Germany – Europe’s biggest market – by storm? Or, you’re a Swedish company looking to take your next steps abroad and expand to the rest of Europe? If any of these apply to you, it’s a good idea to look before you leap – and that’s exactly what FinForward is for.

FinForward is an international one-day event at the heart of Fintech Week, Germany’s biggest fintech event. It’s the place for startups, banks, insurers and others to get to know the German market and gain inspiration from other countries. To understand Germany, you need to understand why many people here are afraid of new technology. That’s why our theme is Don’t Be Afraid Of German Angst. Not only will we be discussing why people are afraid of the future, but also the flipside - FOMO. Should we be afraid of missing out on awesome new technologies we see in other countries? We aspire to deliver thought-provoking content and plenty of opportunities for networking and discussion.

What are you waiting for? Get more info at and grab your ticket now!

For members in SweFinTech use the code: FriendsOfFinForward to get 30% discount on your tickets. 

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