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Go to Fintech Disruption summit in Copenhagen

Are you working in the financial industry or in Fintech in the Nordics, and interested in how blockchain can potentially influence and disrupt your business in the future?

The global securities market is expected to move to the blockchain over the next 10 years, creating a $10 trillion market, and totally changing market conditions for traditional players. 

Come to Fintech Disruption Summit in Copenhagen on Feb 28, 2019 and visit to learn more. Speakers include IBM, Denmark's National Bank, DNB Bank Sweden, Deloitte, Handelsbanken Sweden, BlockEx, BlockTrade, Bird & Bird, the Danish FCA (Finanstilsynet), Nasdaq, and more exciting names to be announced.

As partner with the conference, we can offer two discount codes: SWE_Startup (30% for 4 startups to get a stand or pitch), and SWE_Normal (10% on all normal tickets).

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