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Hello Julia CEO for PEpins and one of SweFinTechs newest members

Hello Julia Reuszner CEO of the crowdfunding company Pepins. You are one of SweFinTechs newest members so let us know some more about Pepins.

"What kind of company are Pepins?"


"Pepins provides a complete solution for investment and for raising capital in high growth companies:

· A platform for equity crowdfunding, authorized and regulated by the Swedish FSA, which provides professionally packaged investments in high growth companies.

· A market place which provides liquidity in non-quoted shares.

· A community where companies can interact with their shareholders and receive their help to i.e. publish information about participating companies and their offers.

The companies raising capital through the Pepins platform includes a range of firms with 10 to 100 mkr in capital requirements and a well proved business model. The shareholders are both professional investor and the “crowd”.

Pepins has raised over 550 mkr to 19 companies in less than 2 years.

"What's your expectations on your membership in SweFinTech?"


"Pepins is looking forward to being a part of the Swedish Financial Technology Association and together with the Swedish FinTech community create an impact on the FinTech industry and the Swedish business community.

Our expectations with the SweFinTech association are:

· to create a Crowdfunding Alliance as a subset to SweFinTech with Tessin, Lendify amongst others.

· to spread knowledge about the expanding industry of crowdfunding.

· to create common guidelines for the improvement of the crowdfunding industry.

· coordinate common positions and pursuit joint decisions."

"Fantastic to have you onboard, once again warm welcome Pepins!"

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