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Istanbul Fintech Week 2020

Uppdaterat: 28 okt. 2020

Join IFW Online Event 9-13 November!

Istanbul Fintech Week is a global venue of discussion and knowledge exchange in an ever-changing financial services industry. In its first edition, IFW hosted more than 1,200 participants from around 30 countires. The event now fully online among the participants.

IFW 2020 curates five industry summits in its second edition. Payments, Blockchain, Digital Banking, Insurtech and AI in Finance will be the main themes of day-long summits. IFW continues to foster the innovation ecosystem in the region by bringing experts and leaders.

On the 9 November at 12.00 there will be a 'Sweden Country Session' where SweFinTech's Secretary General Louise Grabo will talk about why Sweden has progressed withn fintech and become a pioneer in financial innovation.

You can read about the agenda and get your ticket here.

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