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Join webinar with Antler and Women in Fintech Network

Uppdaterat: 8 apr. 2020

With the ongoing crisis, there is a shift in the way we are spending our money - what does this mean for the Fintech sector? And what can Fintech companies to do overcome these challenges? Learn more about: 

  • How startups are experiencing the ongoing crisis

  • What are Fintechs doing to help during the crisis

  • What can we do to support young Fintechs and the ecosystem

  • What initiatives can the government take to support companies

  • What we think the future will look like?


Louise Grabo, Secretary General at Swedish FinTech Association & Consultant for Nordic Public Affairs.

Raiha Buchanan, COO/Co-founder of Gigapay & CEO/Co-founder of WIFTN

Tatjana Choudhary, Program Manager at Startup Sweden

Moderator: Sarah Kok, CMO at Näktergal & Co-founder at WIFTN Read more and sign up here:

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