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Mastercard Lighthouse – Join the 2020 Edition

Lighthouse – the leading partnership platform in the Nordics & Baltics - open its applications for the 2020 edition. This year, Mastercard is taking the existing fintech partnership program – Lighthouse Program - and doubling-down its focus on social impact with the launch of the Lighthouse MASSIV Program. Don’t miss your chance to join Lighthouse’s 2020 edition – applications open until February 14. About Lighthouse Program

Lighthouse Program is Mastercard’s main platform to build lasting partnerships with leading fintech companies. The program brings together fintechs, investors, advisors and Nordic & Baltic banks to scale innovative ideas. If you want to grow your business through collaborations with Mastercard and major banks, then this is the program for you.

About Lighthouse MASSIV

Lighthouse MASSIV uses open problem solving and collaborative development to bring solutions to market that tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Together startups and corporates have a chance to move rapidly from concept, to protype, to market. If you have an interest in using technology for social impact MASSIV is for you. Read more and apply here:

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