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Members meeting at the Irish Embassy

SweFinTech members event - Christmas edition.*

SweFinTech are happy to invite all our member companies to an event together with our member Fexco and the Irish Embassy.

The event will be held at the Irish Embassy and representative from the Embassy will welcome you. Then there will be a presentation from Tom Holgersson - Head of Fintech and Financial Services at Enterprise Ireland about fintech in Ireland. Peter Cederholm head of Nordics at Fexco, one of the leading Irish FinTechs, will share company insights and how they collaborate/partner with start-ups/scale-ups. The event will also give time for networking with colleagues in the fintech industry in Stockholm.

The event start at 4 pm and 4.30 starts the presentation, afterwards there will be time for mingle. Classical Swedish Glögg, Lussebulle and Pepparkor will be served. 

*Only for member companies in SweFinTech

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