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MoneyLIVE -Nordic Banking 2019

In October, MoneyLIVE: Nordic Banking will bring together the most innovative minds from across the Nordic region and beyond, to spearhead change in the banking industry.

Check out just some of our key reasons to attend:

        - Nordea, Danske Bank, DNB, and OP Financial Group will share their experience at the forefront of banking, while challengers including Lunar Way, Revolut, and Klarna will discuss their plans to disrupt the market

         - Hear a case study from Lars Sjögren, Chief Executive Officer, P27, about the new paradigm about to emerge in Nordic payments and what’ll you need to do to prepare

         - Help your customers get better credit scores and ensure they have the best suppliers by listening to lightning pitches from Capcito, BizBot, Safello, Kreditz, Hudya, and Payr at our FinTech Evening, and make the partnerships you’ll need to thrive

         - Opening new doors? Nordea, Danske Bank, Aktia and Saxo Bank will share the next steps for open banking and find out how it will fundamentally change your revenue models

         - Learn how Carlsberg continually primes its customer experience strategies in an out-of-industry case study to discover how you can increase your brand reputation and customer trust


 With peer-to-peer discussions, case studies, development journeys, and a fintech-showcase, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with peers and discover how you can develop your own banking solutions

Join us in October to learn how open banking, digital identities, the personal data economy, digital payments and customer experience are revolutionising the banking landscape. 

Use code SFA10 to save 10% off your ticket (only if your member of SweFinTech)!

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