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NFT Ventures inform about the Lighthouse program

Earlier this year Mastercard teamed up with NFT Ventures to launch the Lighthouse Development Program with an aim to create collaborative partnership across fintech ecosystem. After 6 workshops in 3 cities participated by 15 promising fintech companies, 3 banks (Swedbank, OP Bank and SEB) and over 100 participants, we are excited to announce the 4 finalists: Enfuce (FIN), Fidesmo (SWE), Ondato (LT), and Swiftcourt (SWE). The finalists will have the opportunity to go through two more deep dive workshops with all of the participating banks and Mastercard. The final winner of the Lighthouse Development Program will be announced at the official finance event of Slush “Finding Fintech”. Read more on our website and stay tuned for updates!

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