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PSD2 deadline – What does it mean for the fintechs? Member meeting for SweFinTech

On Saturday the 14th of September the entire industry need to be compliant according to the PSD2 regulation.  The EBA – European Bank Authority has been vague on the meaning of the interpretation and this have made it even more confusing for the Banks and the TPP:s (Third Part Providers). 

Our member company Tink have been very active in the debate towards the deadline and according to them zero PSD2 APIs were compliant only a few weeks to deadline. Only 23% has functional APIs that support the basic functions but not all requirements for being operational. The Banks hope for more time to implement the APIs even though it’s been 1,5 years of implementation since the PSD2 was launched. 

Are your company a TPP (Third Part Provider) or are you in other ways affected behalf of the implementation of PSD2? Please join our members meeting the 13/9 and hear our board member Stig Johansson explain the situation. We are also happy to get your input on the problem and how we as an association shall move forward. 

When: 13th of September 08.30-09.30  Breakfast will be served from 08.00 Where: Skeppsbron 34, Stockholm 

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