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"Public Fintech Initiativ and Regulations" at Sthlm Fintech Week

This week it's the best week of the year - Sthlm Fintech Week. The biggest fintech-event for the community, by the fintech community. The first day, yesterday started of with SweFinTechs Secretary General Louise Grabo hosted the first track "Public Fintech Initiativ and Regulation". The track focused on the public initiatives around or connected to fintech. It started off with a fireside chat moderated by Michaela Berglund - CEO Feminvest, interviewing Per Nordkvist - head of innovation at the Swedish FSA about the fintech innovation center. After this, a panel with the minister of Finance in Lithuania - Vilius Sapoka, Mats Persson (economic policy spokesperson for the Swedish Liberals) and Per Nordkvist took over. They discussed the Lithuanian example of how to be proactive as a regulator and embrace new technologies and ideas could be something to learn from in Sweden.

After this, the topic was e-krona and Gabriela Guibourg from the Swedish Central Bank did a keynote. The track ended up with an panel discussion about e-krona - moderated by Niklas Arvidsson. The panelist were Max Brimberg - competition authority, Bengt Nilervall - Swedish Trade Association, Rickard Eriksson - Swedish Bankers Association and Gabriela Guibourg. It was an intense discussion about the positive and negative sides on the e-krona. SweFinTech are happy community partner and will be having a booth on the main day on Thursday, hope to see you there!

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