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Stockholm is Europe's third-biggest FinTech hub, new report shows

In 2019 Stockholm scaled FinTech investments to a new record level, becoming the 3rd biggest fintech hub in Europe after London and Berlin. 63% of Swedish FinTechs have experienced an increased transactional volume since the beginning of the pandemic.

More than 400 FinTech ventures in Sweden were scouted and reviewed for the report. Reflecting the sector's rapid expansion, this edition of the Stockholm FinTech Guide includes new categories such as Decentralized finance, LegalTech, and Equity Token Offering.

Highlights in the last 18 months include Klarna becoming Europe’s most valuable privately-owned FinTech startup, the Bank of International Settlements establishing an Innovation Hub in Stockholm, and Tink – the open banking platform – buying Instantor. Ventures have not only been established, bought, or invested in, they also grew their offering horizontally to combine previously unrelated sectors.

Stockholm Fintech Guide encapsulates the latest investment statistics, trends and changes to the Fintech scene in Stockholm. In addition, we have carefully curated a number of FinTech stories in this guide to represent the diverse nature of the Swedish FinTech ecosystem and showcase what Stockholm is best at – constant collaboration based on trust and transparency.

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