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Study on Supply Chain Finance - EVENTS in June & July

In the context of the Study on Supply Chain Finance for the European Commission, VVA, CSES and Aite group are organising to discuss experience and difficulties with using supply chain finance (SCF) or when planning to expand your SCF activities domestically or cross border. The results will provide information to the study and support the drafting of conclusions and recommendations for the European Commission.

Interviews with sellers

WHO: 10 companies that act as sellers in SCF contracts.

A Focus Group with investors and funders

The focus group will take place:

WHEN: 2 July 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00

WHERE: in VVA premises in Brussels (10, 11 avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels)

or ONLINE (via a Skype-meeting link)

WITH WHOM: 10 to 15 investors and funders using SCF FOR WHAT: to discuss barriers to SCF experienced, solutions to overcome barriers and potential recommendations for the European Commission and decision makers.

Please register to the focus group by 30 June by following the link here.

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