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Swefintech at copenhagen FinTech week

Last week General Secretary Louise joined the Copenhagen FinTech week. 5 days full of seminars and networking with people within the industry.

Louise joined a panel discussion named Nordic FinTech hubs - Best of FinTechs in the Nordics together with Jonas Karles Co-Founder, Minna Technologies, Hakon Junge, Growth & Partnerships (UK), Pleo, Hans Christian Bjørne Partner & Program Director, The Factory Fintech Accelerator Program, Nina Rudanko Founder, Fintech Finland Association, Janne Salminen Director, Helsinki Fintech Farm, Neil S W Murray Founder of The Nordic Web / Founding Partner, The Nordic Web Ventures, Lana Kaupuza Swedish Fintech Specialist, Fredrik Hedberg Co-Founder & CTO, TINK, Thomas Krogh Jensen CEO, Copenhagen Fintech.

The panel discussed the different challenges for the FinTech industry in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and how the Nordic countries could cooperate more to become one of the most powerful players international.

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