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Today SweFinTech's Payment Working Group Discussed the e-krona and the Possibilities of CBDCs

Today SweFinTech's working group for payments met to discuss the e-krona project. Victor Möllborg, Enterprise Architect, and Fredrik Rydbeck, Business Architect from the e-krona project at the Swedish Central Bank were guest speakers. They informed the group on the status of the project and how and when fintech companies can become more involved. They are currently waiting for the Payments Inquiry to be finished, which will be in march 2023, after which the Government will put forward a proposition to Parliament. If Parliament decides to give the project a go-ahead, stakeholder consultations will increase, enabling a larger participation from the fintech community.

The working group discussed, among other things, compatibility with the Digital Euro and cooperation between central banks on the development of CBDCs.

SweFinTech thanks all members who came to today’s meeting! We look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of an e-krona as the project develops.

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