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Warm welcome our new member Untie Group

We can proudly present our newest member Untie Group. Untie group is our first member company from Skövde and we are very happy to be spreading all over Sweden.

The world of finance needs to change. It needs to be more oriented towards humans and human needs. Untie are here to make that change happen. On the business to business side of things we work to give the financial industry better software. Untie do this mainly through the development of Bricknode Financial Systems, an "ecosystem" for financial services. On the consumer side they develop products and services to give people more control, and more opportunities, when managing their personal finances.

Untie is the consumer brand, focused on making it easier, more fun and more profitable to engage in matters of personal finance. Untie will make it easy and fun for all people to save, invest and prosper. Once again, warm welcome!

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