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Welcome Tryggkredit as a member of SweFinTech

What kind of company is Tryggkredit?

Tryggkredit provides a modern and digitized lending service. Since we started in 2012 we have always been curious about how we can contribute to the Swedish FinTech market. During these years we have established a number of cooperations with other FinTech companies and in addition also created our own FinTech solutions focusing on customer experience improvements.

What's your expectations on your membership in SweFinTech?

SweFinTech gives us an opportunity to discuss important questions with like-minded actors. Hopefully, SweFinTech can also be the key to new improving cooperations between Tryggkredit and other Fintech actors.

What political issues are important to you and how can policy develop so that Sweden will continue to be a leading country in FinTech?

Of course there are several concrete questions we have to discuss. However, our ambition is to be a part of the Swedish FinTech Association and from there communicate as one strong voice. It is important that politicians realize the benefits from a well functioning Swedish Fintech community.

Read more about Tryggkredit here: Once again welcome!

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