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Welcome Zwebb as new member in SweFinTEch

What kind of company is Zwebb?

ZWEBB is a system development company with focus on FinTech. During the last few years we have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, by working in close cooperation with some of the top-level experts in Fintech industry in Scandinavia. We are the producers of Kameo crowdlending platform in Sweden, Norway and soon even Denmark. What's your expectations on your membership in SweFinTech?

Expanding our FinTech contact network in Sweden, participating at FinTech events, getting in touch with new ideas and other companies. We also expect to establish new collaborations and offer our services and products to FinTech startups across the country.

What political issues are important to you and how can policy develop so that Sweden will continue to be a leading country in FinTech?

FinTech friendly community is our common goal. It is a challenge for the entire society and if our country is about to remain in the front seat, we must be able to test and implement new things in the very near future. I am looking forward to e-krona, but also more crowdlending and crowdfunding, independent from the banks. Read more about Zwebb here: Once again welcome!

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