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Women in fintech 2.0

Thank you everyone for joining the second women in fintech-lunch today at SUP46. This time we had a great panel moderated by Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist - vice president for SweFinTech and Lotta Bourgoin - Head of Growth på Nordea and Anna Blyablina - Project manager within Fintech. The panel shared their experience within the financial and fintech area and touched upon their view on cooperation between banks and fintech to meet the upcoming challenges in the industry and to meet the consumers requirement.

Lotta Bourgoin who has a background in the financial scen in London talked about her experience from her time at Leman Brothers just before the crash 2008 but also about her leadership as the Head of Growth at Nordea.

Anna gave her view over the Nordic and European fintech scene and how the eco-system looks different from the Nordic perspective compared to the German/Netherland perspective. Anna has broad experience from arranging fintech conferences as the NextGen Banking. Thank you for participating and keep your eyes open for our next women in fintech-event next year 2019.

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