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Women in FinTech 2.0 - meet one of our panelists.

On Wednesday the 28 th November it's time for our next Women in FinTech-event! Let's meet one of our panelists - Anna Blyablina Enthusiastic and passionate Fintech community builder with experience across the Nordic Fintech ecosystem.

Anna joined Fintech Hub Sweden at an early stage of its development and has been, after leaving Fintech Hub, working with different Fintech initiatives, which are focused on building the Nordic Fintech community such as TheFactory Fintech Accelerator program in Oslo and FinExtra.

Anna is building up the Fintech community in the Nordics, and is connecting the different players in the Fintech ecosystem (Fintech startups, Financial Institutions, Investors, Regulators, Educational Institutions, Financial Services) on the Swedish, Nordic, European and International level.  Anna will tell us more about her experience within the Fintech community and inspire us to take the step in to or how to reach the next level in the Fintech industry. Take the last chance to sign up for the event here:

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