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Money20/20 is back in September

The global pandemic has thrust the FinTech industry back into the spotlight and once again it is at the forefront of providing solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

In support of this vital work, we want to be clear that our goal is to run Money20/20 Europe as planned on 22nd to 24th September at the Rai, Amsterdam.

In 2012, Money20/20 was created to provide a forum for the money ecosystem to come together and drive the new digital economy forward. With huge support from the industry, we built a place where business gets done. Now, in 2020, we want to celebrate game-changing disrupters and pioneering innovators just as we did back then. We were established to bring the ecosystem together to tackle the challenges and opportunities that emerged after the financial crisis of 2009 – and we see that same role needed now.

Just as the financial services community has responded to this crisis with out-of-the-box thinking, Money20/20 will now adapt with the same agility. In 2020 we will be limiting the size of Money20/20 Europe to 4,000 people (compared to 6,000+ last year). Our priority is to provide a space where business gets done, safely. We know we can do this effectively if we keep numbers smaller, ensuring the right mix of delegates from the whole money ecosystem.

Read more and get your ticket here: With the code MP20SWI you'll get 200 euro discount on your ticket. 

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