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Nordic API - The 2019 platform summit

Continuous API Strategies for Integrated Platforms

API experts and thought leaders will once again gather in Stockholm for the 2019 Platform Summit. They will share insights and expertise and allow you to:

Explore continuous API strategies for integrated platforms

Expand your knowledge of design style: GraphQL, REST, gRPC & more

Take microservices architecture theories into practice with real-life case studies

Secure API access management and identity control using protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect, SCIM, and others

Learn how to refine your developer experiences and increase API adoption using tools like OpenAPI Specification

Discover innovative trends effecting the API space: From serverless, IoT, to AI

Attend to gather expert testimonies on architecting an API. From assessing API definition formats, implementing security protocols, learning new microservices architecture strategies, or determining what makes a successful API business venture, speakers will highlight many aspects of API practice for the modern enterprise.

There will be featuring 60+ speakers on three tracks to discuss the many faculties of developing and sustaining a thriving API-first organization. The event is ideal for platform architects, API product owners, and also developers, or CTOs seeking knowledge as well as inroads into the local and international API community.

The 2019 Platform Summit will take place at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm – located on the island of Södermalm, in the heart of Stockholm.

Get a discount code for the event when you are a member of SweFinTech. Use the code: Swedenfintech to get 15% discount.  Read more and sign up here:

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