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Open Finance Consultation

Uppdaterat: 27 juni 2022

As you may be aware of there is an ongoing targeted consultation on Open Finance published by the European Commission. The consultation runs until 5th of July and is a key step in proposing an Open Finance framework.

As an association, we are part of the target group and in a recent working group at SweFinTech we discussed providing our response to the consultation. For this reason, we have prepared initial answers to the consultation and invite you to provide your input ahead of submission. Please provide your input by June 30 at the latest by using the attached excel sheet 'Open Finance consultation input' and send this to

The consultation contains the following sections;

  • The relevance of data sharing in the financial sector

  • Customer protection

  • Modalities of data access and reuse in the financial sector

  • Technical infrastructure

  • Specific questions on selected use cases involving data sharing in the financial sector

  • Other aspects of data sharing in the financial sector and related obstacles

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